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Q: I am not a model, do you think I could pull off a boudoir session?
A:Girl yes! Boudoir shoots are for any and everyone! Every woman should feel good about themselves and you deserve to feel beautiful!

Q: I don’t know how to do professional Makeup or Hair, do you offer those services?
A: Yes! I have a tightly curated list of professional makeup and hair artists for you to choose from so you feel your best!

Q: Do you provide lingerie for the shoots?
A: I personally feel is it best for you to bring your own lingerie because you know what fits you best. I do however, have some flowy lace pieces that we can incorporate for your shoot!

Q: Do you photoshop/ Body Retouch?
A: Yes, some body retouching is included. Things like, cellulite, skin smoothing, and skin toning and SOME liquifying (removing love handles and such).

Q: How private are your sessions?
A: extremely! Most of our locations are private hotel rooms, your private home, or some studio wedding venues where no one can see. i go out of my way to make sure that you have complete exclusivity and privacy.

Q: How long are your sessions?
A: Depending on your package choice, my sessions run from 45min-2 hours.

Q: Could I bring a friend for support?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Will there be music and champagne/wine?
A: Yes! I bring the jams and I bring the wine. If you have a specific spirit you like, you are more than welcome to bring that!